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“Dedicated to sustaining your families fence for a lifetime…..”

Professional Fence Restoration

FenceWork is a professional wood restoration and protection company serving the Dallas and East TX areas. Any outdoor wood structure will benefit from our cleaning and wood staining system. Decks, fences, sheds, gazebos or playground equipment are examples of the assets that we beautify and protect.

Every year home owners spend countless amounts of money on wood privacy fences. The fences help to shade the backyard, offer a certain amount of security, keep pets and children contained, and give the home owner privacy while in their back yard.

With the rising cost of lumber it makes good sense to protect this valuable investment. Wood Defender fence stain works to beautify, protect and preserve the fence. They keep the look of the fence aesthetically pleasing while saving the home owner the money and aggravation of replacing the fence every 5-7 years.